THR has put available the full interview of the actress roundtable.

“She’s been a badass for a good long time in my book. Say hello to Badass Julianne Moore”

Julianne stopped by GMA yesterday for the Mockingjay promotion. Enjoy HQ stills and BTS and the video interview.

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Julianne among with other fellows actress sat down with THR for their Actress Roundtable. I’ve got the HQ image of their photoshooting and a video piece of Julianne talking about her choice to play Sarah Palin.

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They also touched an important matter going on now on Renee Zellweger change and many other topics on being a woman in Hollywood and being an actress. Here’s a piece of the interview and you can read it fully over at

Julianne, you’ve made some very bold choices in your career. I’m curious what your most challenging moment has been.

MOORE Maybe going to the Golden Globes six weeks after my son was born. (Laughs.) You don’t even know how big you are, you know? You’re just like, “Oh, I look good! I like this dress, I’ll put this dress on.” I put on a dress that had this low thing; and by the end of the night (gestures to her low-cut dress), I was almost choking. (Laughs.) [I had] a horrible hairdo, it looked like birds of paradise coming out of either side of my head. It was terrible. Every time I get ready to go somewhere, I think, “It could be worse.”

WITHERSPOON “This is not that, it’ll never be that again.”

ADAMS That’s amazing.

Yesterday Julianne was a guest to Ellen Show. While I put on some photos from their website so far we only got one hilarious-game video of it. Enjoy this as I try to find more to upload.

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I’ve added few more photos to Mockingjay album and a video interview Julianne did for the movie.

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